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Hotel Duquesa de Cardona

Duquesa de Cardona is an boutique hotel located next to the port of Barcelona. The short walking distance to the centre makes it perfect for leisure guests.

Duquesa de Cardona had two main challenges:

  1. Increase the guest experience
  2. Stimulate direct bookings.

To optimise the guest experience, we created a visual design. To make sure the hotel guests become loyal guests, the hotel offers a 10% discount during a second visit. The HotelBooQi also stimulate guests to share their experience on social media.


“Guest accept HotelBooQi in a positive way. Since they have the map and all the hotel information as a reminder, they see it very comfortable and useful,. In fact, many customers take it as a souvenir and hopefully show it to potential new customers.”

David Aldamiz

Front Office Manager, Hotel Duquesa de Cardona