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Van der Valk Hotels

Van der Valk is one of the largest hotel chains in the Netherlands. With hotels spread all over the country, they are popular among business and leisure guests.

The main challenge of Van der Valk was to show unity between all of the hotels. Besides this, they also wanted promote all of the upsell facilities in the hotels itself.

One HotelBooQi design for all of the Van der Valk Hotels. The design goes hand in hand with the appearance of the hotels and points out all hotels’ facilities. On the back of the HotelBooQi we added maps of the surrounding areas of every hotel.


“I put HotelBooQi to the test and checked in a few guests myself. The reception for HotelBooQi thusfar has been extremely positiveEven at checkout guests keep the keycard holder due to the helpful city map. A very positive experience!”

M. Prijs

General Manager, Van der Valk Middelburg