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Hotel Le Canberra

This boutique hotel is located in the centre of Cannes. Le Canberra has four stars and focusses on as well business as leisure guests. The hotel is part of the group ’Les Hôtels Ocre et Azur’.

Le Canberra wanted to make sure guests stay in the surrounding areas of the hotel or other hotels within the group. They also wanted to decrease the check-in and check-out time.

The HotelBooQi of Le Canberra offers guests a discount if they come back to this hotel or another hotel in the group. This way, guests will also get more familiar with other hotels in the group. HotelBooQi offers an all-in-one tool to communicate all services at once, which saves the guests time during their check-in.

Satisfied guests at Canberra Hotel, will stay within the same group of Ocre & Azur and come back at, for example, Hôtel de l’Horloge : think global loyalty. The guests do not return to the reception several times to ask for the hours of each services, about the breakfast for example