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Hotel Abba Balmoral

This large hotel is part of the Abba chain. Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Abba Balmoral Barcelona has both leisure and business guests.

Promote the spa and wellness facilities of the hotel. Abba Balmoral also wanted to communicate in three different languages: Spanish, English and Catalonian.

To point out the spa and welness, Hotel Balmoral edited the Wi-Fi code. With the code ‘VISITSPA’ they want keep the spa on top of mind. Besides the spa, the HotelBooQi points out breakfast and room upgrades.

“Since we are using HotelBooQi, our guests have a clear idea of all that our hotel offers. For example:

  • Types of rooms and accommodations.
  • Times regarding breakfast, check-in and check-out.
  • Basic information that is not directly discussed during check-in, about security, wifi codes, etc.

Besides that, we love the beautiful personalised map with the main points of interest of the city. Our hotel and image have improved!”

Felix Alcocer

Hotel Manager, Hotel Abba Balmoral