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Hôtel Eugène En Ville

This Paris based hotel is a stylish boutique hotel nested between the Opera and Montmartre. Hôtel Eugène En Ville is an individual hotel that focusses on leisure guests.

Hôtel Eugène En Ville wanted to get the most out of their HotelBooQi. Their goal was to increase the guest experience, upselling and guest loyalty.

Provide all the needed information on the HotelBooQi in a stylish way. This way, guests can reach for it when they need it. A good example of this is the Wi-Fi code provided on the HotelBooQi. By highlighting offers, the guests will have the best available rates when they book their next stay. This encourages them to come back to this boutique hotel when they visit Paris.

The guests of Hôtel Eugène En Ville are able to connect to the Wi-Fi without the help of our staff. This opens the road for the staff to focus on true customer service and making guests more loyal.