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Hotel Mayorazgo

Hotel Mayorazgo is located in the centre of Madrid. This large independent hotel mainly focusses on business and leisure guests.

The challenge of this hotel is to provide as much information as possible during the check-in, in a short time period. Hotel Mayorazgo also wanted to increase the upselling of their facilities.

To reduce the check-in time we added all of the relevant information to the HotelBooQi. We also pointed out all facilities and promotions the hotel has to offer. 

“Since we have HotelBooQi, not only the hotel has improved but also our clients.

At the reception it is much easier to inform our guest about all the facilities. When HotelBooQi is unfolded, we can show all our up- and cross-selling options that the guest didn’t know we had.

HotelBooQi is very useful for our guests. Not only because they have all the information about the hotel and facilities, but also because the map helps them to discover the most important locations of the city.

On top of that, sometimes the receptionist doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to the guest (when a group arrives for example) and with HotelBooQi we give all the information in one tool, providing to our guest the best experience.”

Jose Maria Gualda

Front Office Manager, Hotel Mayorazgo