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Return on investment


The vouchers inside the HotelBooQi stimulate upselling and returning guests.

HotelBooQi not only enhances the guest experience, but also has a proven Return on Investment. Below you can see an example from the 210 room Crowne Plaza Hotel, London. Utilising HotelBooQi vouchers they boosted several upsell facilities. 

Calculate extra income through measurable vouchers:

Annual number of bookings

Average spend per guest in 1 preferred upselling facility


Expected increase using HotelBooQi

Additional revenue thanks to 1 HotelBooQi voucher

Are you interested in how much additional revenue your hotel can earn with just 1 of the 3 vouchers in the HotelBooQi? Find out by requesting your personalised calculation report.

The video explains how we will calculate this for you.

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