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Hôtel Barrière Ribeauvillé

Hôtel Barrière Ribeauvillé is a four-star hotel in the middle of the French wine route. Hôtel Barrière Ribeauvillé offers guests a large spa and casino. Therefore, this individual hotel welcomes many leisure guests throughout the year.

The hotel wanted to increase the guests experience by showing their guests the hotel surroundings. Besides this, they also wanted to promote their in-house facilities like their spa and casino.

To promote the in-house casino of the hotel, we added a voucher to the HotelBooQi. But together with Barrière Ribeauvillé we went further than only showing the hotel facilities to guests. To maximize the guest experience, we also highlighted the activities up to 60km away from the hotel itself. Barrière Ribeauvillé also invited some of their partners to promote their activities on the HotelBooQi.