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Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana

Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana is part of the Hilton Hotels Group. The hotel is located in the centre of Madrid and therefore focusses on as well business as leisure guests.

Increase the check-in time and upselling. Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana also wanted to offer their guests something more special than a regular check-in brochure.

To point out the hotel upselling facilities, the room update and the spa are pointed out with a double box. To make sure the guests get the most out of their stay in Madrid, we added a map of the metro with points of interest.


Canopy by Hilton logo
The guests highly appreciate the metro map and the practical format of HotelBooQi. It contains all relevant information like the Wi-Fi and other hotel services. The HotelBooQi helps us and our guests!
Paloma Muñoz

Front Office Manager, Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana