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An all-in-one marketing tool that enhances your guest experience and has a proven Return on Investment. 

How? Scroll down!

Save on OTA commissions: increase the % of direct bookings.

Realise up to 30% more direct bookings, thereby saving on OTA commissions, as in the case of Crowne Plaza.


Realise up to 14% extra upselling of your facilities. 

Increase the upselling of your facilities and measure the results, as in the case of Hotel Nuevo Boston.

Number of rooms in your hotel

Average expenditure per guest in restaurant


Extra restaurant guests because of HotelBooQi

Annual extra revenue in your restaurant

The vouchers inside the HotelBooQi stimulate upselling and returning guests. 

With this, our partners obtain a profitable return on investment.
This example below simply shows the benefits from a 3% voucher redemption on one of your offers.


The Online Adaptive Platform

Benefit from the high impact of the physical HotelBooQi in combination with the endless flexibility of the digital world with the Online Adaptive Platform.

The HotelBooQi Film 

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