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The Cumberland

The Cumberland is a large individual hotel located in the centre of London. Because of the location this hotel is popular among leisure guests.

The Cumberland had three main challenges:

  1. Increase the number of guests that use the hotel restaurant.
  2. Create a communication tool suitable for Arabic and English guests.
  3. Decrease the check-in time.

Our design team created a visual HotelBooQi which contains all of the information needed for a fast check-in. We also added discount codes to stimulate guests to have dinner in the hotel itself. For the Arabic and English speaking guest we developed the HotelBooQi in two languages.


“The HotelBooQi has not only changed the way we work at the Cumberland Hotel, but it has revolutionised our guests’ experiences. We’ve reduced our average check-in time by nearly a minute, as the design of the wallet allows our Reception team to swiftly convey all the important information and explain our food and beverage offerings. The HotelBooQi has made a significant difference to our business. For example, we’ve seen a 50% increase in breakfast sales which have been advertised on HotelBooQi since the project went live.”

Mr. Karol Mlynarczyk

Front of House Manager, The Cumberland Hotel