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Benefits of HotelBooQi 

The first time guests interact with your staff, they’ll be greeted with a HotelBooQi. Start their stay with all the information they will need to take advantage of your entire offering in a package that they want to hold on to for the duration of their stay. Create loyalty by proving you care about each guest making the most of their stay.


Preferred a BooQi to a traditional flyer


Associated the quality of BooQi with overall brand quality


Kept and used their BooQi


Found BooQi pleasurable to use

Source: Woollcott Research

Additional Benefits

  • Link between online and offline
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing investment
  • Less pressure on front desk and concierge staff to repeat basic information.
  • Faster check-in procedure
  • Guests hold on to them after check out.
  • Convenient keycard holder.
  • Reduce replacement costs by incentivizing guests to hold on to keys.
  • Mini concierge for your guest.
  • Call to action for your focus areas and events.
  • Inspires customers to take advantage of direct return bookings.
  • Unintrusively invites guests to membership loyalty programs.

Guest Experience

Tentative visitors become familiar guests when guests feel like they are getting the most out of their purchase by improving the guest experience at your hotel with our simple tool. HotelBooQi makes every customer more valuable to you by increasing the chance of repeat business. We developed the product to ease the customer journey and give guests all the information they need before, during and after their stay. The information you provide on HotelBooQi is as flexible as the product itself. Point guests towards special amenities, or give them a sneak peek into local attractions and shape their stay at the hotel and beyond.

Loyalty and Direct Bookings

HotelBooQi tells your guests that you’re committed to making them loyal customers the minute they step through your doors. Extend a direct booking incentive or explain the benefits of your loyalty programs while providing them with the tool that they need to sign-up.

Upselling and Promotion

More and more of our clients are realising the many ways HotelBooQi can help them highlight special offers and direct guests to specific facilities and upselling opportunities at their hotels. Extend the warmest welcome possible in the form of an exclusive deal at check-in. If one of your restaurants is in need of additional diners, find them at check-in by offering a free drink with their first meal. Track and measure HotelBooQi’s effect through special incentives and make each guest’s stay as memorable as possible in the process.