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Number of rooms in your hotel

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How is it calculated?

We can’t promise you we’ll change the world with HotelBooQi, but we can promise you added value and measurable results as you work towards your goals. The numbers above are based on a case study of a 100-room hotel with a 75% occupancy rate and an average stay of 1,5 nights. Their goal was to increase diners at their on-site restaurant. These figures show how HotelBooQi helped them achieve this.

How much money will you make?

If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us

Return on Investment

We strive to help you create scalable, measurable success. It’s not just our most important goal, it’s our only goal. Is your bartender lonely? Use HotelBooQi to offer a free appetiser with the first drink order at check-in and give them a chance to tell a few interesting stories about local life.

Make guests feel like insiders as soon as they reach the front desk by offering access to loyalty programs, package deals and room upgrades. Transparency builds trust, and make the benefits of a long relationship with your hotel apparent from the first introduction with HotelBooQi. A loyal customer is a valuable customer whose value increases with each stay.