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Guest Experience

Turn your guests into your most vocal affiliate marketing team by fostering loyalty at every opportunity with HotelBooQi. Grow you businiess my giving guests what they want before they know they want it.

Satisfied guests are repeat guests if they can see your offering as valuable and fulfilling. Let HotelBooQi be the first step on your customers’ journey through your facilities and exceed their expectations before they even see their room.

HotelBooQI was developed to direct the customer journey during and after their stay. Every piece of information relevant to their stay can be presented to your guests the minute they step into your hotel. Provide them with an area map to help them navigate the world outside your hotel; all in a keycard holder that will help them get back to their room exhausted from the adventures you mapped out for them. Give them something to treasure once their stay is over, it will bring them back.

“Our guests were immediately surprised and enthusiastic about the new keycard holder. HotelBooQi’s offered all of the vital information they needed during their stay in an attractive and compact package. In HotelBooQi, we received a new high quality tool, at a great value, that offered our guests a tactile sense of value that fit perfectly in our hotel.”
Katharina Franke

Hotel Manager, Columbia Hotel