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Hotel Barcelo Punta Umbria

Pablo is the Purchase Manager of Hotel Barcelo Punta Umbria in Spain. He was looking for a user-friendly solution that could combine and simplify all the infromation provided to guests on arrival. He also wanted to stimulate guests to choose the hotel’s restaurant and bar instead of restaurants and bars in the surrounding locality. Their HotelBooQi helped him to achieve this. Presenting the hotel’s dining facilities and special offers in the HotelBooQi, the revenues in the restaurant increased significantly.

Because the vouchers are measurable, Pablo could clearly attribute difference when the HotelBooQis were handed out. After 4 months, 380 guests had redeemed vouchers, which resulted in a net benefit of over 27K for the hotel. Compared to the previous year, pre-HotelBooQi, this equated to a growth in revenue of 20%!

For more on this story, watch his video!