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What our clients say

Don’t believe us, believe our customers. Read some testimonials and get a first hand account of the many ways HotelBooQi can help your business from the people who have experienced it.

“I put HotelBooQi to the test and checked in a few guests myself. The reception for HotelBooQi thusfar has been extremely positive. Even at checkout guests keep the keycard holder due to the helpful city map. A very positive experience!”

M. Prijs

General Manager, Van der Valk Hotel Middelburg

“Our guests were immediately surprised and enthusiastic about the new keycard holder. HotelBooQi’s offered all of the vital information they needed during their stay in an attractive and compact package. In HotelBooQi, we received a new high quality tool, at a great value, that offered our guests a tactile sense of value that fit perfectly in our hotel.”

Marketing Manager

Hotel Berlin Berlin

“Since we are using HotelBooQi, our guests have a clear idea of all that our hotel offers. For example:

  1. Types of rooms and accommodations.
  2. Times regarding breakfast, check-in and check-out.
  3. Basic information that is not directly discussed during check-in, about security, wifi codes, etc.

Besides that, we love the beautiful personalised map with the main points of interest of the city. Our hotel and image have improved!”

Felix Alcocer

Hotel Manager, Hotel Abba Balmoral

“I would like to thank you a lot for our HotelBooQi, it’s really brilliant! Our reception team is glad for the help it provides in presenting all our services into one document on top of being user friendly. I received great feedback from our guests who find it aesthetically pleasing and handy, especially the map with all our recommended landmarks and sites. During check-out, some of our clients even ask if they can take the HotelBooQi home with them.”


Hotel Manager, Hotel Opéra Frochot

“HotelBooQi is the communication tool that makes a difference. It’s useful and informative (once you open it, you can put a map, tourist information, schedules, and more). Lots of guests leave with their HotelBooQi in order to keep the map, promoting our hotel once their journey is over. We love it!”



Hotel Director Assistent, l’Hôtel La Résidence du Vieux Port, Marseille

“I am delighted with the HotelBooQi concept! In terms of our image, it gives us a very important advantage. It’s a pity we don’t have more services that can offer a similar return on investment: Our breakfast numbers are increasing and it is thanks to HotelBooQi!

On one hand, guests have all the information in their pocket and on the other hand, we can now better emphasise services which we did not do before at reception.

We love it!”

Diana García

Hotel Manager, Hotel Centro Vitoria

“We are very satisfied with HotelBooQi. The easy to use keycard holder is really appreciated by our guests. Besides keeping keys in order, HotelBooQi proved itself useful to guests by making sure they have all the information they could ever need about our hotel and the city of Cannes in a compact package.”

Sandrine LAZZARI

Director, Golden Tulip Cannes Hôtel de Paris

“Our guests and employees are really enthusiastic about the new HotelBooQi’s. It is a nice and professional solution and fits in every pocket. According to the open design possibilities we were able to implement all important information on the HotelBooQi in a structured, easy to read way. It’s a relief to our guests because they no longer need to feel self conscious about asking about facilities, or general information like bus and train schedules. We love it!”

Janine Wolf

Marketing Manager, Best Western Parkhotel Oberhausen