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“HotelBooQi helps us with guest experience providing an informative content of map, hotel location, local transport links and points of interest.”


“The vouchers has driven our F&B sales by 40% across both bar and restaurant”

Increase the upselling of your facilities with the measurable vouchers.

“We managed to increase the number of direct bookings from 20 to 26% for both individual and group bookings.”

Save on OTA commissions. Mention the advantages of booking directly and add for example a measurable QR code to make it easy to book.

“Our guest experience has improved from 75% to 88.7% in the past year”

Inform your guests about the activities in the area and add your personal (running) routes on the map, to enrich the guest experience.

“They keycard holder in the HotelBooQi definitely reduces time at check-in during peak times”

The addition of the keycard holder keeps all information and the room keycard together in the pocket of your guest. Thanks to the fact that this keycard holder contains all important information, check-in is guest friendlier and shorter.

This was the story of Elzbieta Nowacka, Director of Sales and Marketing at Crowne Plaza London – Docklands.

Besides Crowne Plaza, these hotels already profit of the advantages of HotelBooQi

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