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The story of The Montana Hotel, London

HotelBooQi is a fantastic marketing tool. It helped us to improve our overall marketing efforts, to upsell hotel services, gain more direct bookings, improve reviews, guest experience satisfaction and make day to day operations more efficient.

We are pleased to say that we have increased F&B sales for massive 65% and improved hotel direct bookings for almost 20% in just six months.

HotelBooQi is assisting us further in improving hotel standards as we are getting ready for the application for AA recognition aiming four-star hotel rating.

Raj Takhar

General Manager, The Montana Hotel, London

HotelBooQi The Montana Hotel, London collage image


The Montana Hotel is a traditional English hotel, based in Kensington, London. The mix of Victorian architecture and authentic English ambiance with a modern touch, creates their unique corporate identity. Besides spending the night in one of the 55 hotel rooms, guests can enjoy restaurant The Light of India or the Lion’s Bar.

Since mid 2017, the Montana Hotel works with HotelBooQi for their hotel guests ánd for their restaurant guests, with two different HotelBooQis. A third version is in development for the high end take away service of The Light of India.