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Don’t just believe us, let other European Best Westerns convince you:

“We are glad to be using HotelBooQi, knowing that guests will carry it during their stay and over. It’s not only the hotel’s name card but a real tool to generate additional revenue. Resulting in our clients purchasing additional breakfast or a treatment in the spa. We also took the opportunity to introduce our new app BEST WESTERN E-Conciergerie through a QR code that helps us monitor in real time downloads. We recorded more than 15 new dowloads in the first week of the app.”

Serge Lazarri

Best Western Cannes Riviera & Spa

“Our guests and employees are really enthusiastic about the new BooQi’s. The card is a nice and professional solution and fits in every pocket. According to the open design possibilities, we could implement all important information on the BooQi in a structured way. For our guests, it is a relief because they don’t need to ask that much anymore when it comes to e.g. bus connections.

We say… we like!”

Janine Wolf

Marketing Manager, Best Western Parkhotel Oberhausen

“The HotelBooQi radiates professionality, which is what we want in our hotels. Giving our guests a warm welcome, with relevant information. This information is clearly and guest friendly shown in our HotelBooQi.”

Mieke Loverbosch

Best Western Hotel Nobis Asten