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About HotelBooQi

Our mission is to support every single one of our clients no matter how many difficulties they might currently be facing. Your goals are our goals; that’s why we made HotelBooQi as flexible and modular as possible to help you achieve the objectives on your list.  

The Challenge

Hoteliers have to handle problems every single day. Besides that, they also have to achieve all of their anual goals. Our challenge was to develop an compact tool that takes over some of the hoteliers daily work, so they have more time to acheive their goals.

Our Solution

HotelBooQi is an all-in-one marketing tool that gives your guests a suite of vital information from the moment they have their first interaction with hotel staff. HotelBooQi can help you direct guests towards paid facilities during their stay, making sure they get the most out of each visit.

Make your business as sharp and enjoyable as possible by upselling each guest on the perks of their stay and measure the results of each opportunity you offer to further sharpen your offering. A small improvement can have a big impact, and we’re here to create the biggest impact on your business possible.

Team & Concept

HotelBooQi is an international, ambitious & dynamic marketing agency, specialised in the hotel industry. Our hotel experts find their passion in helping hoteliers to reach their targets and to face their guest related challenges. We work with both hotel chains and individual hotels.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our international team is always open for a brainstorm session. Just fill in the contact form below if you wish to contact us.